I felt like I was in LA when I wore this. That whole Kanye/Pablo thing - felt like this outfit! Lol. And I didn't even wanna say that the Kardashian's were an influence to this look - but we have to admit, they are very much influential in the fashion game with the likes of Rihanna and Rita Ora; but Kylie Jenner is my favourite right now.

I have a thing for gladiator heels and I had to grab these as soon as I saw them, and they are sooo comfy; like wearing trainers! Plus they're easy to put on - bonus! (ladies you know sometimes the struggle is real with these types of shoes!!)

One of my most favourite looks to date.

Also I'm pretty much obsessed with chokers :|

LB x

Vest top: Zara
Shorts: Levi (customised by me)
Shoes: Aldo

Modern 'Wednesday Adams'...

So, I was channelling Wednesday Adams in my outfit for Wireless Festival!
Growing up I was obsessed with 'The Adams Family' and I loved Wednesday Adams - she was also so intriguing to me. I would always watch the TV series and have seem the films countless times. I'm sure if she lived in 2016, she would wear something like this!

I don't know why, but I was feeling pretty brave when I got dressed that morning 1. because the weather wasn't THAT hot for this look and 2. my bralet was much a bra! Lol but where else is better than a festival to rock this look!

I love festivals; I mean I spend most of my time looking at everyone's amazing outfit ideas rather than watching the acts but still, I love the atmosphere and just how much fun they are to be at!
I 100% prefer converse rather than a boots or heels at these events. I like to be comfortable during the day and I guess you can't go wrong with denim shorts either, ripped or not! (I love a ripped look)

LB x

Shorts: Levi (customised by me)
Watch: Phosphor


Sometimes Grey is a great substitute for Black if you want to keep within your dark neutrals. It's a great transition shade between Summer and Autumn and can bring out a different side to you. I'm not really one to wear bold bright outfits, even in the summer time. My style prefers not to really - some people are made for colour, some are not. If I do wear bold colours however, it is usually one block colour like a handbag or a pair of shoes with a neutral outfit.

Believe it or not, it took me a while to embrace the 'Grey trend' when it first came about. It just seemed a bit bland to me - but you grow to love these type of things I guess and now I can't get enough...typical!

This outfit is as basic as the colour lol. I was having a casual day so it worked for that but I used the silver heels to give it a lil' pop which have a splash of colour on them...literally! Check them out in the link below.

LB x

T Shirt: Topshop
Jeans: J Brand
Shoes: Sophia Webster


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