I felt like I was in LA when I wore this. That whole Kanye/Pablo thing - felt like this outfit! Lol. And I didn't even wanna say that the Kardashian's were an influence to this look - but we have to admit, they are very much influential in the fashion game with the likes of Rihanna and Rita Ora; but Kylie Jenner is my favourite right now.

I have a thing for gladiator heels and I had to grab these as soon as I saw them, and they are sooo comfy; like wearing trainers! Plus they're easy to put on - bonus! (ladies you know sometimes the struggle is real with these types of shoes!!)

One of my most favourite looks to date.

Also I'm pretty much obsessed with chokers :|

LB x

Vest top: Zara
Shorts: Levi (customised by me)
Shoes: Aldo

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