17 Rules to Apply to 2017

With January being almost over, it made me think about my attitude towards the new year and how or if I have adjusted to it. For instance: to some people, January 1st is just another day, day 366;  continuing on what they have already done in October, November and December…to others it is an opportunity to create a fresh start and accomplish new things they didn’t in the previous year; day 1.

I probably sit in the middle of both. I’m not really one to make resolutions and if I do it’s silly ones like ‘start the gym’ or ‘wear that pair of jeans that still have the tag on’ but I like to somewhat apply the theory to my everyday life…

…So with that being said here are some rules I am going to try for the rest of my year and make it a good one. One where I can look back and think I definitely made a change for myself and maybe they can help you too!

1 Stop overthinking – When you overthink, ultimately it can [in extreme cases] cause you stress and you become anxious and uptight about any situation. Learn to chill out! I say this from experience. I swear if I got a pound for every time I ‘overthunk’ (is that even a word?) I’d be a billionaire.

2 Be on time – Whoever said the quote ‘If you’re early you’re on time. If you’re on time you’re late. If you’re late you didn’t want to be there’ is wise. Apply this to everyday situations: a doctor's appointment, a dinner reservation, work. It will make you a more reliable person and people will respect you more because they won’t think that you’re such a flake!

3 Take the opportunity – Don’t waste time. If something good comes your way I think it’s great to jump on the chance and take it. However in the same breath think carefully. A million things can come your way but they may not necessarily benefit you in the best way possible, so be tactical. You still have to think smart and be selective but not so much that you miss out on amazing things. Listen to your gut instinct – no one knows you better than yourself.

4 Voice your opinion – I am usually one to shy away from conflict (when need be). It’s easier for me and I find the situation will always sort itself out. However I’ve learnt that people will respect you more if you say what is on your mind. They will appreciate your strength and courage and then that way  everyone knows where they stand; if they still like you afterwards great, if they don’t, thanks for letting me know now rather than later! Mind you, don’t become reckless and shout anything and everything from the rooftops. Pick your words wisely and make them count.

5 No need for others ‘opinion’ – All opinions are important and help shape how you think and how you act. However every Bob, Dick and Harry will give their opinion because they think it’s the best advice on planet Earth! But all you have to say is ‘I appreciate your opinion and I will take what you said into consideration, but ultimately I will decide what I want to do’ – obviously if an absolute idiot is giving you their opinion you can tell them to keep it! (but keep it classy whilst doing so! Lol)

6 Be patient – A flower will not grow overnight. Don’t rush things. If you do, it will only take longer.

7 Learn to say No! – My friend and I were discussing that if something really and truly inconveniences you or if you just honestly do not want to do something; it’s ok to say no. It doesn’t make you a selfish person, but what it does do is it helps put things into perspective of what is important and what is not for you; and that way you can manage your time better.

8 Don’t be sleep deprived – Try to get at least 8 hours sleep a night. You can be the hardest working person during the day, but how can you do that with no sleep? It’s important not to deprive yourself of full rest and energy.

9 Always say ‘thank you’ – Gratitude is key. The more you are grateful for what you have in your life, the more you will receive. I read ‘The Secret’ by Rhonda Byrnes and there’s an extract in there about saying thank you when you wake up 3 times out loud and then continues to do so right up until you are  dressed and ready to start the day. I thought this was a really good idea so I have tried to do this a few times. It is hard at first because you might forget as your brain is a bit slow in the morning but practice makes perfect!

10 Put that cake down (even though it’s hard!) – I’m legit eating a chocolate bar as I write this (but that’s not a cake now is it?!) Haha, no but seriously if you’re anything like me you cannot resist ‘Le Junk’. Clearly I’m no dietician but all I can advise is that balance is key. I find it really hard because I have a major sweet tooth, but I have cheat days like twice a week where I can literally go H.A.M on what I want. And after a while you might not even want to go H.A.M but it’s nice to have the option.

11 Appreciate the ‘journey’ – Similar to point 6 (be patient) but this is more to do with fulfilment at the end. When you finally become successful in reaching your goal, it’s nice to sometimes look back at all the obstacles you faced because again you will be more grateful for reaching your destination and then the next obstacles you face won’t be so daunting because you know you will be strong enough to get through them!

12 Wake up ‘happy’ – We all have our off days, we’re only human! But try to wake up happy and I guarantee the day ahead will be a good one!

13 Go to bed ‘happy’ – You could have had the most stressful day of your life and you want to run away, but don’t bring the negative emotions to sleep with you. Drop them and start fresh tomorrow.

14 Make time for your loved ones – Your friends and family are the ones who understand you the most and love you dearly. We all get busy at times and life gets in the way of commitments but don’t forget them. They are the only people who will always stick by your side through it all.

15 Make time for ‘you’ – Whilst it’s good to make time for others, we also need to invest in some ‘me’ time. Take up a hobby. Read that book you left on your shelf. Go on a holiday. Sit in your room and binge watch a new TV series. It doesn’t make you anti-social; it helps you wind down and effectively can make you a better person.

16 Consistency is key – Basically don’t be a flake! If you say you’re going to do something, do it.

17 HAVE FUN! – Last but not least don’t take life too seriously this year. It’s good to always have a laugh!

LB x

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