LB X LA: Visiting the City of Angels

In December, my friend and I packed our bags and jetted away to the City of Angels: Los Angeles!

As I mentioned before in my previous post on Las Vegas, I had never visited America before but always wanted to go - and now I have been to two states, in the past year, 2 months apart of each other! Talk about all at once! But whilst I'm young I want to travel the world and create amazing memories.

For those who haven't visited LA, it's an 11 hour flight! Sometimes cut down to 10 hours - which is extremely long, but so worth it when you arrive. However it wasn't too bad as we flew with Virgin Atlantic who I have flown with before and always have a pleasant experience.

We stayed at the beautiful SLS Beverly Hills Hotel; a hotspot for the elite and fancy. A little bit on the ££££ side but you get what you pay for. It is in a great location as its only a short drive away from Hollywood and great shopping areas like Rodeo Drive or The Grove are just a short distance away. Also restaurants like 'The Nice Guy' and 'Sugar Fish' are close by if your feeling peckish!

There is a sort of stigma attached to LA of it being 'fake and glamorous' because of what you see on TV. Popular shows like 'The Kardashians' and 'The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' (and we can't forget 'The Hills'!!!) show an exaggerated wild version of the LA lifestyle. Whilst it is most probably like that; it shouldn't put you off going there if you are the more 'down to earth' type because in the same breath [or down a few blocks] it can be the total opposite and quite tranquil!

'Warn' is a strong word, but if you're looking to visit LA, my advice is that you will definitely need to drive everywhere! Especially if you want to go everywhere like Malibu, Hollywood Boulevard or Venice Beach (40 min drive from Beverly Hills!) But you can just take Ubers or even hire a car which would make it like a road trip! FUN!

I've tried to keep this short and sweet really so all in all, my friend and I had opposed opinions about the city. It seems very quiet, chilled and easy going which I didn't mind; but she preferred the hustle and bustle of New York. I've not been to New York so I cant compare the two; but I definitely want to visit this year! But definitely visit Los Angeles anyway because the weather is always beautiful and the people are very friendly!

LB x

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