! Babe crew !

Dress: H&M
Boots: Zara (similar)
Denim Jacket: Levi (Old cut and custom ripped by Me)

*****Alert: I am in Babe Crew!*****

Haha I'm joking...but seriously I thought this dress was so cute and remind me of the classic Tommy Hilfiger print. 

But really, we are all in Babe Crew and should embrace it. Being a 'Babe' is about having confidence, sass, independence and just having fun! 
It's not being vain to think of yourself as a Babe. If anything, we should be encouraging each other to think that way and encouraging ourselves to say "I'm a Babe and I know it!" 

Moral of the story is: don't let other people knock you down. Don't let other people dictate what you are. You are a Babe!! The End.

LB x

All black everything...with a dash of colour

T-shirt: Alexander Wang
Skirt: H&M
Bag: Zara
Trainers: Reebok x Melody Ehsani

So as soon as I got my hand onto this skirt I instantly wanted to wear it. Is it typical to say that Black is ultimately my favourite colour? Don't get me wrong, I appreciate all colours in all shades; but Black just has a way of making everything look crisp, chic and effortless.

This patent leather skirt is an actual gem...and can you believe it is from H&M! I always shop in H&M as I love buying my basics there but once in a while they do shock me with a little piece which I always have to grab up before it goes. This skirt could definitely pass for a Balmain number! For the reasonable price, you can't really knock H&M for trying!

Also these trainers by Melody Ehsani which I bought a year ago and honestly have never worn them. They are such a statement piece I just didn't have the opportunity to style them with an outfit. But I do adore them and I'm glad I brought them out this spring. I'd never heard or seen any of her work before I saw these Reebok trainers and if you are into quirky sport attire, you should definitely check her out.

LB x


T-Shirt: Alexander Wang
Denim Jacket: Topshop
Leggings: H&M
Shoes: Zara

The weather right now is not reflective of what is supposed to be Spring...but that doesn't stop me in the colours I wear! The colours are so cute and remind me of blooming flowers; Salmons, Pinks and Creams. When I saw these leggings I knew I had to have them and they are something I would wear if I was in the LA Sun!

I've paired them [for a day look] with these ultra CUTE Sandals or Slippers or whatever you want to call them, which I posted on my Instagram, which again are just tooo cute!! (Is cute my favourite word?! Hah) 

If you can't tell from the picture, the leggings are Velvet. Not everyone's favourite trend I know, but I love it! I think when people think of velvet, they think of velour tracksuits (which are actually also back in trend haha) but actually, in my opinion, most items can look very expensive and rich in Velvet when in the right colours. (I do also have a Silvery-grey pair which I will style soon!)

LB x